Racial Comedy

I am a fan of racial comedy. I enjoy knowing that my opinions and struggles are true with other people of my race. I agree that it brings up important societal issues to think about my one problem with it is that sometimes people laugh at us and not with us. In the Quinn DaleContinue reading “Racial Comedy”

Race and Rap

I think that the author of the article was being extremely extra. Iggy’s accent did not bother me at all. It kind of reminded me of when English people, when singing they drop their accent. Rap is an American phenomenon, where there are certain tonal aspects to be expected. People will complain that sounding BlackContinue reading “Race and Rap”

Blog Essay Coyote Nation

In the essay Coyote Nation by Pablo Mitchell it details the hierarchy of society in the city of New Mexico as it compares to other cities and communities. I found this essay to be particularly interesting because New Mexico is a predominantly Latin American community, and the people there would not be strangers to racismContinue reading “Blog Essay Coyote Nation”

Short Answer 2

The article published by NBC tells the story of Robin Cornish and her family as they deal with racism in Southlake, Texas, or most notably the Carroll Independent School district. While I am not surprised that a majority White neighborhood in Dallas is racist, it does sadden me that this family has to endure it.Continue reading “Short Answer 2”

Short Answer 1

In the memorandum sent out by Russell Vought, he details  the president’s beliefs about critical race theory and racial sensitivity training. I found TCU’s response to be well informed and scathing in a professional manner. In the Trump administration letter, I find it interesting that one group of people can  be so willfully ignorant andContinue reading “Short Answer 1”


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